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Secrets of a $100k Affiliate Marketer

Secrets of a $100k Affiliate Marketer - eCourse


What is Affiliate Marketing and why you should absolutely take advantage of this business model ASAP. 

Pause the videos as you go through them and implement what you’re learning. This is the best way to take action and get your business up and running so you can start earning commissions.

High-Ticket/Recurring Niche Research

In this module, I show you a simple way to find products to promote. My favorite type of products and why.

The two I promote are:
Legendary Marketer
Freedom Breakthrough

Building Your Business

In this module, I show you the simple 2 page funnel you need to build out to capture your leads.  

Recommended: ClickFunnels

Email Marketing

In this module, I show you how to set up your autoresponder. This is going to be the holy grail of your business.

I walk you through the basics of email marketing and how to connect your autoresponder to your funnel. I also show you how to get pre-written emails for the products I promote that saved me hours of work.

Recommended: Get Response

My Top Five Strategies

In this module, I give you 3 of my top Affiliate Marketing strategies.

  • The Bonuses Strategy
  • The Hidden Funnel Strategy
  • The Email Strategy

Traffic Generation

In this module, I show you a few of the best ways to get traffic to your affiliate offers and the one you need to start using ASAP.

Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson

Hit the Ground Running

Import my entire business! I show you how to save hours of work by just importing my funnels, copy and pasting my emails and changing my links out with your own affiliate links.

Note: This will only apply if you decide to promote the products that I’m promoting. 
Legendary Marketer and Freedom Breakthrough

Import My Business

I’m giving you the opportunity to import my entire business that generates leads and high ticket commissions on a daily basis. This will help fast track your success by eliminating all of the upfront work.

You’ll have my exact business from the funnel pages I use to capture leads, the autoresponder I use to build relationships with my clients, the exact emails I send out and traffic sources I’m currently using.

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Secrets of a $100k Affiliate Marketer

Secrets of a $100k Affiliate Marketer - eBook

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‘Secrets of a $100k Affiliate Marketer’ 

“Affiliate Marketing strategies others charge $2000 for.”

“The No-Fluff King”

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